Resources for a Virtual Team

The amount of online tools, systems, and collaboration platforms can be overwhelming. Here we share a suite of online resources that we use, helping us connect, engage, and collaborate. If you're still exploring or looking to review your current set of tools, we hope the following is helpful in your search for the right support.

Cerebrum Core Tools


We use Slack as an instant messaging tool. It has multiple channels for individuals and groups. We also integrate a range of extenal systems to provide alerts/information like call id from our PABX, alerts from our hosting system etc. While we often use the browser client, there are apps for desktop and mobile devices.

Remote Access VPN

All Cerebrum staff have access to our network via VPN. VPN technology provides remote and secure access to our server networks. Not only does this provide encrypted access to our shared files and tools, but also allows us to strictly lock down higher level access to our external systems.


Asana is a project/task management solution that allows for multiple workspaces. It's a great collaboration tool that supports us in managing projects, tracking work flow, tasks, schedules, and communication all in one location. We particularly like the option to invite our clients to access individual project workspaces and engage as part of the team.


We have been researching and trialling a range of virtual office spaces for the team. We are currently working in Sococo and have been pleasantly surprised at its benefits, especially the feeling of social interaction and inclusion, and the ease with which you can have random office chats!


Zoom is an easy to use, reliable cloud platform for video and audio conferencing, chat, and webinars across mobile, and desktop devices. It is easy for uses to join a call from a shared link without needing to sign up for accounts etc. Zoom allows for multiple users so we can meet one-on-one or with a large group (locally and around the world). Zoom also provides an option to share screens where work can happen collectively.

Jitsi Meet

Jitsi are best known for their Jitsi Meet open-source video conferencing platform, What we like most about it is the ability to hold group video calls all through the browser, which makes it an ideal tool for hosting meetings. The ease of accessing meetings without any need to download an app or set something up on a desktop is great for our clients. It is our go-to platform for our morning team stand-ups, keeping us connected despite being spread across greater Melbourne and beyond.

Other Tools

Online Meetings & Presentations

Multi-platform open-source video conferencing

Google Meet

Microsoft Teams

Workflow & Collaboration Tools

Project management, document sharing & collaboration platforms






Remote Working


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