Shift Happens

Tackling uncertainty head-on

Our story, like many others when the impact of the pandemic hit, changed the shape and way we do business - the way we think, work, communicate, and collaborate. Distributed across greater Melbourne from the gateway to the Great Ocean Road through to the bushlands of Warrandyte State Park, our team quickly adapted to a virtual workforce. What we hoped would be a temporary and unique set of circumstances did not play out that way. The pandemic continued to roll out further discord and uncertainty. We eventually gave up the office, it had remained empty for too long.

As time moved forward and the world significantly changed, we paused to reflect, strategise, and explore: How might we reimage the way we do business so that we ensure it serves us into the future? We had to also think beyond Cerebrum. This was not only about the shape of our business but of our client’s too: How might we serve them as they readjust business practices, navigate risk mitigation, and embed new habits for their own sustainability? In this climate of disruption and uncertainty, supporting each other is more important than ever.

Weaving lived-experiences with adaptation to ambiguity, we embraced a reimagined, virtual, remote working future. The ability to adapt, and the willingness to learn and reflect has allowed us to maneuver around the unpredictabilities of what lies ahead. With a glimmer of optimism, Cerebrum’s future may very well take on a hybrid formation integrating the very best of virtual and face-to-face. However, we have learned not to jump too far forward, too quickly. It takes incremental shifts and the ability to tackle uncertainty head-on to reach your goals.

Embracing Change

We further share below an article that presents three types of flexibility that help people embrace, and work through capricious change. We must adapt to thrive and be flexible enough to shift with the change.

There is so much that we are all processing. More than ever, things have accelerated. As rapidly as things are moving, we need to pause - give ourselves a moment to digest all that is transpiring so we can face the unknown with more confidence. We need to embrace our ability to adapt, accept that change is happening.

The Centre for Creative Leadership suggests we need to find ways to help us feel more grounded, understand the impact that change is having on us, and understand the effects of our behaviour on others. They recently published an interesting article that highlights what is required to adapt to change.

To survive change in your organisation, industry, or profession, you must first lead yourself through the process of transition. As a leader, you not only have to respond to change, but you also have to steer change. 
—Centre for Creative Leadership


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