Incremental Shifts - Impactful Change

The overarching intention in business is to deliver quality outcomes. But how do we continually attain this? We take the view incremental steps lead to impactful long-term benefit. This way of working allows for intentional, considered, measured actions - identifying and making change that is essential to improvement and continuous success. This doesn't mean solutions can't be implemented quickly, what's important is to continue to nurture and maintain, review and pivot for ongoing progress and business sustainability.  

As the mantra goes, big change comes from hundreds of tiny steps, and they all matter.

Wengfu Australia are a major player in the distribution of a wide range of fertilisers for use in broadacre, cropping, horticulture, pasture production and a variety of other agricultural enterprises. Back in 2017, they came to us wanting to offer a self-managed online portal to their customers. Wengfu’s business success is based on the structure and flexibility of the booking fulfilment and delivery chain with a huge number of warehouses across Australia. The desired online portal would allow customers to access their contract and booking details, make new bookings, adjust scheduled bookings, and much more over time. It had to be easy to use, even if the business processes are exceptionally complex behind the scene.

Cerebrum’s foresight to look beyond, mixed with a continuous improvement build strategy, has taken our service offering to a whole new level. From the start Cerebrum took into account the dynamic nature of our business, developing a solution hugely successful from the first day of its deployment.

—Stephen Luedi, Information Systems Manager, Wengfu Australia

Working in collaboration, we helped take them from a fairly basic portal system to one that is easy-to-use with advanced functionality - which ultimately led to the launch of the Fertbook portal. We continue to work with Wengfu Australia on their portal with considered, incremental development and in turn customer service is enhanced with each improvement and update to the platform. Fertbook now streamlines communications with distributors, provides real time interaction with their Netsuite ERP (where bookings and contracts are stored and managed), and enables users to create their own blend products and contracts. Behind the scenes, this is achieved by sophisticated API integration on top of an open source CMS to provide deep integration into the ERP system and deliver great user experience. It's also achieved through collaboration, reflection and review, and continuous, measured improvement.


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Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.

Benjamin Franklin