The AI dilemma

With AI on the rise, there are a number of global challenges being addressed. We're seeing AI offer tools for people with disabilities, diagnosing disease, developing new medications, and producing self-driving vehicles. It's also tackling climate change, world hunger and poverty, wildlife conservation and cyber crime. But with all new ideas or technologies there is no telling how others will use them or manipulate their original intentions. Provident care is essential when adopting them. Tristan Harris and Aza Raskin embrace this intellect in their latest podcast. In The AI dilemma they explore the importance of deploying large language model AIs into the public in a safe and responsible way to avoid the dark sides that we don't want to happen.

'AI may help us achieve major advances like curing cancer or addressing climate change. But the point we're making is: if our dystopia is bad enough, it won't matter how good the utopia we want to create. We only get one shot, and we need to move at the speed of getting it right.' —Tristan Harris & Aza Raskin

Your Undivided Attention is a weekly podcast co-hosted by Tristan Harris and Aza Raskin from the Center for Humane Technology. The AI dilemma is a culmination of their work intended to articulate 'what the fears of the people who work on AI safety themselves are thinking'.


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So the question is: What else that should be happening that's not happening needs to happen?

Tristan Harris & Aza Raskin