Editor Training

Introduction to TYPO3 Editor and WordPress Editor training

A crucial part of web development is ensuring our clients have the ability to easily manage and edit their site, via their content management system (CMS). Established experts in TYPO3 and WordPress, we have been providing editor training that helps set them up for success and allows for sustained growth and independence. It’s an important skill to have if you are managing content elements of your website(s).

We are keen to pass on our knowledge to you, and pleased to offer introduction sessions to WordPress Editor and TYPO3 Editor training.

  • Learn from industry leaders.
  • Become more efficient and confident in managing your company website content.
  • Take control with self-management of editorial maintenance.
  • Keep your website presence relevant and up-to-date.

Aimed at people who manage company website(s) content, or are stepping into the role of content editor and want to learn the basic principles and steps of the process. Experience working with TYPO3, WordPress, or another similar web content management system is advantageous but not required.

Customised or advanced editor training is also available. Contact us to discuss. 

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