Effective SEO

We are pleased to be presenting, in partnership with Maas Media:

Effective SEO: best practice and real-world applications

Aimed at businesses keen to broaden their knowledge of SEO and understand practical steps that can lead to successful and effective search ranking results. SEO is a very powerful sales & marketing tool. Search Engine ranking success can now be in the hands of every website owner through the application of a set of simple rules. Whether you are starting out with a new build, or reviewing existing website SEO performance, there are immediate steps you can initiate to help influence driving more traffic to your site.

Join Simon Dawes, Founder and Digital Strategic Lead at Cerebrum, and Glenn Millen, Founder and Strategic Innovator at Maas Media, who will lead you through:

  • What is SEO, how does it work, and why is it so important for business?
  • Web presence and the approach to pragmatic site building
  • SEO best practice application
  • Optimising your business - How to achieve first page rankings
  • SEO can be effective without considerable investment
  • What you can do right now - Small steps, big impact
  • Boutique SEO - Custom services, methods, and tools for bigger impact
  • Q&A

Exclusively for the Australian market, small to corporate enterprises.  


This event has ended.
Upcoming dates will be posted here.

Subsequently, we have been conducting in-depth training on using Google Analytics and Google Ads that is realising positive outcomes for those putting it into practice. Contact us to learn more.


About Maas Media

Glenn Millen, Strategic Innovator, and Mark Nuttney, Search Engine Pioneer, are the brains behind Maas Media, who provide search engine optimisation (SEO), web traffic analyises, and digital marketing strategies.

Maas deliver expert SEO services helping businesses of all sizes acheive optimal outcomes from their SEO activities - deploying an exclusive plugin of Maas' own design, KudoSEO. One of the aims Maas Media seek to accomplish through the development of the KudoSEO system is to quash the misconception that SEO cannot be effective without considerable investment and expert knowledge. This proprietary plugin uses standard web protocols applying Maas’s research-based algorithms to push clients’ websites ‘up the page’, to prominent positions on all leading search engines.

The Maas Media KudoSEO Essential and KudoSEO Extended tools were created to act as a connection point for Google to reconcile and index every aspect of a business' website and aligned Social/Business Network. In doing so, the Google search results related to a business, product, or service search can be enhanced beyond a simple website listing. In some cases, the Google search results can consist of multiple discrete entries in the top 10 space, being the website Home Page and a supporting article/blog page, a YouTube channel entry plus Facebook and Twitter feed listings. This compounded, positive search result leads to increased engagement from the online audience and, most importantly, a high level of trust and authority.