Media Workshops

We have always believed in the power of collaboration. Working closely with our clients, their stakeholders, and other industry experts to reach the best possible solutions. Over Cerebrum's 19 years as a business, we have developed strong relationships with an array of talented individuals and organisations. The breadth of what can be achieved through these partnerships is boundless. This privilege of working together has prompted us to offer you insight into some of the people and organisations we have been working with over the years.

We are pleased to introduce Good Talent Media. They are a full-service communications and PR agency, experts in a range of disciplines helping clients get the right message across, building presence, and making their voice heard. Part of their offer includes Media & PR training workshops, and we wanted to highlight the following complimentary session. Contact us if you're keen to learn more or book a session.

Complimentary Seminar

How to create and pitch media ready stories

Join us for an interactive seminar where you will be shown how to increase your profile and strengthen your brand, and how to create media ready stories and pitch them successfully. Be prepared to get the right message across with the help of industry experts who know from experience the stories that are most likely to get you positive media attention and strengthen your reputation.

  • Groups of five online (one-hour) or in person (two-hours).
  • Aimed at CEO's and Media/Marketing staff.

Founder and Director of Good Talent Media, Tony Nicholls, is an accomplished journalist who has seen the rise of digital media transform communications and the news cycle forever; making new demands of journalists, politicians, and media spokespeople. Riding the wave of change, Tony understands old-fashioned news values as well as what drives the new digital media landscape. As Director of Good Talent Media, Tony creates all media training programs personally; he knows what the media wants, and how best to deliver an impactful message.