Calabria Family Wines

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NSW, Australia


About the Client

The Calabria Family Wines story began in 1945 with founders Fancesco and Elisabetta Calabria. Three generations later, Calabria Family Wines has flourished to be one of Australia's top 20 wine producers. Boasting award winning wines, produced and grown from their exceptional vineyards in the Riverina and Barossa Valley wine regions.


Calabria came to Cerebrum looking to improve their existing corporate website. It had been built using a WordPress platform with very basic and limited shopping functionality, which didn’t prove to be very user friendly. They wanted to create a website that would give people a better experience, improve navigation, enhance the site’s store capability, and maintain integration with their existing accounting system.


We developed a whole new website, moving away from WordPress and choosing to use Magento 2 which enables a more flexible and scalable e-commerce solution. Magento 2 contains all standard administration features required, plus allows for integration options with other systems (shipping calculators, payment options, drop shipping orders, stock control, etc.). The one platform manages Calabria’s corporate website, e-commerce store, and their Wine Clubs. Customer management and shipment fulfillment is now more efficient with the integration of shop sales, and purchases through the Wine Clubs, including connectivity via import/export with accounting and shipping systems. Overall improving quality of user interaction, and enriching customer shopping experience.


  • Open source e-commerce system.
  • Integrated CMS functionality.
  • One platform to manage corporate website, e-commerce store, and Wine Clubs.
  • Easy to find product information and purchase. 
  • Sign-up for Wine Club using a single account.
  • Flexibility to run ongoing digital marketing, grow customer relationships.
  • Enterprise hosting setup, featuring SSL/TLS, CDN (content delivery network).
  • Ongoing support and maintenance.