REMONDIS Australia

Website redevelopment
Maintenance & Support

VIC, Australia | Lünen, Germany


About the Client

REMONDIS is a family-run company with headquarters in Lünen, Germany, ranking among one of the largest recycling firms globally. REMONDIS is also seen as one of the market leaders in Australia and New Zealand, offering innovative waste management solutions with the goal to conserve the planet's natural resources.

The REMONDIS Group operates in many fields of business: it recovers raw materials from waste, develops innovative recycled products, offers alternative fuels and plays an important role in the water management sector supplying water and treating wastewater. In addition, REMONDIS removes pollutants from residual and hazardous wastes – which are unable to be recycled with today's technology – and disposes of them using eco-friendly methods. —REMONDIS Group


Cerebrum was approached by REMONDIS Australia seeking our support with the redevelopment of their corporate website. Their partner agency, Trisinus, who are based in Germany had been tasked with consolidating their two current websites into one instance of TYPO3. With their focus on development, we were asked to provide consultation services directly with REMONDIS Australia to consider and review the approach to the implementation of the new Australian site. This would entail working closely with both local and European stakeholders.


From a consultative lens, we offered guidance and support throughout the project. Through our understanding of the TYPO3 setup we were able to optimise the site/content build process. This also included considerations against template options to ensure the site provided optimal layouts and programmatic SEO.

From a build perspective we supported the development by creating the site’s content pages based on design templates supplied by Trisinus, managed content migration, undertook website testing and monitoring performance.

The elements of this project included:

  • Project management
  • Consultancy/Review
  • Page Setups, Content layout and redesign, and Content Migration
  • Test, Launch and Approval
  • Performance monitoring/Reporting
  • Ongoing support and Consultancy


  • Consolidated corporate website
  • Ability to localise for Australian market
  • Ability to add marketing activation
  • Easier and more targeted customer enquiry process
  • Further improvements and optimisations
  • Ongoing support and maintenance