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QLD, Australia

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About the Client

Windsor Chiropractic is a family-based practice providing Chiropractic care to their local community in Brisbane. They have been helping people to achieve better health since 2004. Believing that health is amongst our most valuable possessions, Windsor Chiropractic are committed to providing individuals and families with quality wellbeing care to achieve the best life possible.


Windsor Chiropractic reached out to Cerebrum looking to overhaul their current website. They were keen to create a better performing site, with a fresher, modern look and feel. Essential was an improved content management system (CMS) to allow for easier, uncomplicated uploading and management of content, especially video media. Their ability to maintain their vlog/blog, members section, and events pages was imperative. A more effective, simpler navigation would require a restructure of layout, and an overhaul of the amount of information on the current site, to achieve a more user friendly site.


Working with Windsor Chiropractic, we designed and developed a new website using the latest version of TYPO3 implementing new designs to reflect a contemporary look, and creating a more engaging user interface. The site was SEO-optimised with content restructured and cleaned-up to keep it concise - improving customer experience, interaction, and navigation.


  • Refreshed, modern design of look and feel.
  • Integrated CMS functionality and easy to use self-managed system.
  • Improved customer experience, user interface and navigation.
  • Announce events that integrate with EventBrite.
  • Improved SEO ranking/results.
  • Simplified management of vlog/blog, members section, and events pages.
  • Ongoing support and maintenance.